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Friday, November 13, 2009

Mikael In Superman Costume

We are having colorful days for past few days. My wife was already beyond her confinement period so we could spend more time outside especially going out for shopping, decorating house and eating fabulous foods.

Before Mikael, we love to shop for our clothes, accessories and so on.

After Mikael, the most meaningful things to do outside the house is shopping for his clothes.

We could say that he has already got a comprehensive wardrobe.

Is it costly to spend money for those fabulous clothes for him? Well, we think that the price is still reasonable. After all, those clothes are not branded label.

Most of you probably already seen this costume at our,...opps to be exact.

We love it and Mikael looks nice and sharp in that costume. The Superman wannabe just curious about flying. Maybe he would like to be a pilot.


LOVE2COOK said...

Hehe, Superman in the making nih! Just love to see him in action! ;) Future pilot ha ~ all the best BB Mikael!

Oh yes, spending for kids is a must, but it should be a worth spend too. But, if we don't spend now, bila lagi kan! (hihi, Love suka spend on my kid's clothing too!)

Lady of Leisure said...

baby mikael, im sure u ll grow up jadi macho man mcm superman..
banyaknya costume dia i like...
semua cute, pakai apa pun ok, geram tau...

ain said...

hye little superman!! up..up..and awayyyyy!!!

Ernie said...

bulatnya mata die...

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