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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Plush Toys & Cute Little Shoe

Last week we bought some plush toys for little baby. The toys are really cute and we will put it in the baby's cot. They can accompany our baby while he sleeps.

Tigger, Bear and Rabbit will be nice for a start. Thinking of buying more in the future if Mikael like the toys.

The bargain hunting aka shopping spree continues with a very cute soft shoe for Mikael. A moo-moo shoe. Hope the shoe will keep Mikael feets worm during winter.

By the way all baby items are cute, lovely and irresistible. Have to think and really decide what to buy first and what to buy later. Otherwise we may end up buying everything. :)


blogresipi said...

Mama & Daddy will definitely buy some more toys for Mikael... The cot still has more space anyway :D

Raisah @ echah said...

bgus2...our baby cot dah jadi mcm zoo dah..mcm2 toys ada..hehe. hari2 daddynye yg main, sementara tggu anak kuar.hehe

mummyseri said...

very cute la a moo moo tu :)

MrFaiz said...

Momoo cute untuk Mikael pakai. Bila dah pandai berjalan tentu tak boleh lagi pakai kasut lembut-lembut macam ni. :)

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