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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Need A Good Drinking Device

Having thought previously that baby only drinks milk using the bottle if mama not around. But nowadays I realized that baby also need the bottle when mama is around especially in the middle of the night.

Thats why we bought the bottle plus the bottle warmer. So we can keep the milk in the bottle and it will stay warm in the bottle warmer. So if baby like having milk at night, the milk is always ready for him.

And when mama not around, the bottle will become handy because daddy can feed little baby with the mama breast milk stored in the bottle. Just warm it for while and feed the baby.


blogresipi said...

Maybe Daddy & Mama could sometimes borrow the warmer to quickly heat up some food.hehe :)

fzi said...

Ijan suami-isteri..
Woahh, akak boleh bayangkan excitement both of you... *teringat akak dulu time nak timang first baby... gambar baby ada macam2 gaya, siap ada note bawah gambar tulis perkembangan umur baby... hehe
Anak ke 2 makin slow dah wat camtu, anak ke 3 lagi dan lagi lahhh...;p*

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