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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tiba Di Helsinki

Eurohostel Welcome
Helsinki just one hour from Kuopio. Selamat tiba. Mikael sangat behave on the flight though it was his first time.

updated on 6 Nov 2009: For those traveling on tight budget please consider Eurohostel Helsinki as it is only 5 minutes to town via tram and just few steps away from harbour where you could go to Helsinki Zoo, Soumellina and even Tallinn (Estonia) via ferry.


LOVE said...

Wow, good to know U all had a gud fly there! ;) BB Mikael is a smart BB...knows how to carry himself around ;)

ain said...

sampai dahhh???Alhamdulillah!!

fauzuskamaruddin said...


i try click link Euro HOstel tp x kluar...npe yea :)

The Queen Bee said...

hi nice blog! jarang2 laki tulis blog eheh

anyway me n my family went there back in 2008, helsinki is such a beautiful place!

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