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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sauna Not Reduce Your Weight

Today I went to sauna at our apartment as today it is open free of charge. The weather outside was pretty cold so I think it is just nice to have sometime heating myself there. The sauna room was a little bit packed today and at one time 5 people were there. I think 3-4 people at one time would be just nice so that the place not too campy.

Finnish people usually naked in sauna. So they separated the time of usage for men and women accordingly so that nobody will feel annoying or disturbed by the opposite gender in that sauna. From 5.00 to 7.00 pm is for men and 7.00 to 9.00 pm is strictly for women.

I also audited my weight before and after sauna. Unfortunately my weight was same before and after sauna. So maybe the old saying about people losing weight by sauna is just a myth. :)


Lady of Leisure said...

bestnya tengah sejuk2 boleh ke sauna.. :)
i pun dulu ingat sauna boleh kuruskan badan...
myth je kot kan.. hihi..

sHarEna said...

kene pegi sllu kot baru ade effect :p
malunyer kene bujal@bugil kekeke...

ain said...

lamanya tak ke sauna. seronok sekali2 relax2 sambil bersauna. akak dulu lost 2kg lps sauna. time ju le turun, pas tu hampehhh!!!!

lala said...

what the heck, kene naked ke?! =P
then you did ke? for sure not la kan? haha
yang pergi ni siapa? Mr ke Mrs? btw sauna tu dok la lama2 sikit and pegi la tiap2 hari.. baru boleh turun kan :P
hehe funny to know that fact!

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