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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friends Moving Out

This is Aga and her couple Miko. They are a good friends of us. They are living here for a while but now decided to move to another place.

So we help them moving some stuff from the apartment and store. My wife managed to snap some pictures of the process.

Fortunately the weather on that day was great and the moving out process done with ease.


Fa'e said...

xpe...ijan...bak kata pepatah "yg patah kan tumbuh, yg hilang kan berganti" tak?

tu ha...kan berganti ngan bb kat dlm tu x bape ari lagi....

Faiz said...

Terima kasih kak Fae. Kami pun tak sabar menunggu kehadiran cahayamata ni. :)

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